Autism is a psychological condition which disturbs relationships, and the way the outside world is seen.

It affects the psychological development of the ability to speak and understand. It dulls any reaction to normal stimuli, and inhibits the formation of normal relationships.

For any parent who has a child who has been diagnosed as being autistic, life will never be the same again. It will become a very testing time for meeting the many demands and special attention the child will require. Once the shock of the diagnosis has been recovered from, how do you cope with autism?

In the first instance it will be natural for the parent to be extremely upset emotionally. Some parents may feel relieved that the condition has finally confirmed their suspicions, and they can begin adjusting to the needs of the child.

Others may feel fear, anger, and sadness. Every individual parent will react to the news in a differing manner, and will learn to re arrange their lives, to meet the daily challenge of getting on with their own life, while, at the same time coping with the needs of the autistic child.

Coping With Autism.

-          Release your feelings of sorrow and emotions. Do not keep them bottled up inside. Scream and shout as much as necessary to release pent up anger. You should also take a little time off from your usual routine, until you settle sufficiently, in order to pick up the pieces of your broken life.

-          Accept the diagnosis and immediately start getting treatment for the child. To supplement the treatment learn as much about autism as possible. The earlier the treatment begins, the sooner their will be a change in the child, and the parent will realize that the situation is not entirely hopeless.

-          Initially the order of the family’s daily routine will be upset, so try to re establish a sense of orderliness in the home.

-          Speak openly to your friends and relatives about your feelings, and how you cope with the autistic child. Consider joining a support or counseling group. Meeting parents in a similar situation can relieve much stress, and much can be learned from the experiences of others.

-          Make sure that you do not neglect yourself. Try and set aside a little time each day to pursue your own interests, and do not forget, the child you are caring for, is the same one you loved before the word autistic, entered the family.

Coping with an autistic child will be very demanding, but if at any time you feel that it is getting you down, and that you cannot continue for a while, then think about getting a professional psychotherapist to help you through your difficult time, give a chance to settle down, and regain your emotional strength.

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